Personal Narrative: My Interaction With Other Children

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From as far as I can remember I kept to myself as a child and most of my interactions with other children my age were negative. Growing up, I had a speech impairment and most of the kids my age didn’t have the patience to attempt to understand me. My family was very supportive of my issues and didn’t seem to mind it, but once in a while advice of words of wisdom from my family weren’t always pleasant. My scale from one to ten on verbal abuse from family members go from one being my grandmother who was kind and accepting to ten being my sister who made me feel horrible. I had many things going against me when I was a kid. I was overweight, I dressed like a boy and my speech impairment weren’t easy to hide from others. My sister, was in shape and considered very beautiful from others, always liked to tease me about everything. At my apartment we had multiple apartments connected by a huge empty area in the middle where all the children come out to interact. At that time I had a strong connection to a doll named sally who I would bring everywhere. My sister once stole the doll from me and as I hid upstairs in my room she would yell at me to come down and get it from a large group of children that had formed to watch the endeavor. Obviously, being too shy and scared to go down the other children began to join in on the…show more content…
As I had mentioned previously, I was overweight and my brothers liked to poke fun at me once in a while. They would invite me to go running with them or play basketball and if I refused they would mention that this was the reason I was fat. My brother would also fix my hair and choose my clothing without consent when my mother wasn’t around so that I wouldn’t be confused as a boy. I appreciated that they didn’t want to see me be the butt of the joke at school but once again I felt as if being myself wasn’t good enough and I had to change in order to be
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