Personal Narrative: My Interned At The Child Development Center

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On August 21, 2015 I started my interned at Jefferson Community and Technical College, in the Child Development Center, as I entered the classroom one of the first things I notice was how all of the teachers made me feel welcome to the class, and how they treated each other, they seem to be nice to one another. They also they treated each other with respect as they worked together with the children, When we were outside on the playground the teachers watch the children while they played, there were a lot of things for them to do, riding bikes and scooters, rolling tires, playing in the sand box, playing at the water table, playing soccer, sliding down the sliding board and doing other things like catching grass hoppers in the jars. When the children played at the water table the teachers made sure they had the aprons on to make sure they did not get…show more content…
Now it is time for the teachers to read the children a story, whatever story the teacher reads to the children they will do an art project that is related to the story. Since only so many children can be at the art table at a time, the teacher choses the children by the ones that are sitting in their place on the mat and are listing first, but all of the children get to have a turn. The teachers in this class show that they care about the children, and the children are in a very good environment. The room was colorful it had posters and pictures of the the children or some kind of art on the walls in the playing
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