Personal Narrative: My Interpreter Reading Strategy

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My strategy was to preview the material before reading by looking over headings, vocabulary, and illustrations to obtain a general understanding of the topic. I would write notes using an indentation format since “research studies have shown that the use of outlines and concept maps have found positive correlations to improved reading comprehension” (Lei, Rhinehart, Howard, & Cho, (2010). Additionally, I utilized the layered reading strategy by skimming the text and identifying which sentences were important. I would re-read the noted areas for the second and third layer to engrain the information into my memory. If I did not understand the sentence, I would read around the area to understand the context.
We learned about layered reading on October 13th and I continued to practice this method for my PH 420 class. Every week we would be assigned a chapter to read to prepare ourselves for the upcoming lesson. Additionally, it was difficult to restrain myself from reading. Thus, I modified my strategy to skim only for few pages at a time. I began taking notes in an indentation format on September 10th for my PH 341. I utilized this strategy for chapter 5
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This is an effective maintenance strategy since all classes involve some form of reading; thus, there are many opportunities to practice. I will preview the material by observing vocabulary, headings, and illustrations. Additionally, I will practice layered reading by annotating my text or paper. I will skim a few pages at a time completing layers 1 and 2 before moving onto the next section. Once I complete layers 1 and 2 for the entire reading, I will review the entire assignment for the third layer. I am committed to this strategy since I am aware that my reading comprehension is my weakness. I have already made great improvements this semester and do not want to waste the opportunity to improve this

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