Personal Narrative: My Interview With A Firefighter

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Again like I said before I did my interview through email so I wasn’t able to get a face to face interview. I decided to interview Isaac because he's been a part of the fire station for almost 17 years now. I figured he would have more experience than people who have only been with the department for a couple of years. Isaac has been a good family friend and has always been there for my dad and my mom. Last year at this point in time my dad cheated on my mom. I guess you could say my family had a rough holiday season. Nothing was easy and my mom, sister, and I had to go through it alone. Thankfully, Isaac was there for my mom when she needed guidance and there was only so much me and my sister could do for her. Isaac really helped my family…show more content…
While having the role of a being a firefighter and first responder there are times you have to deal with drastic moments. Some moments can consist of death or serious injuries, when I heard about this I asked how you remain calm and react effectively his response was, “I slow myself down to a tempo in which I listen to the call and think of the basics I need to perform on arrival. While en route I get updates and I calculate my plan. Rushing into something usually results in bad tactics and injuries. Remaining calm is a priority. If my crew is amped up I’ll stall for a few seconds and allow them to become calmer.” Lastly, I was curious about what a typical daily routine at the fire department consisted of. Isaac responded, “As an Officer, my downtime is spent preplanning and checking on various details. From my crew’s safety and well being first and foremost to making sure our equipment is ready to go. I spend a lot of time investigating minor issues on Call in the interest of preventing them from occurring again.” From Isaac’s responses I was enlightened by what it takes to be a firefighter/first
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