Personal Narrative: My Interview With A High School Teacher

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For my interview, I asked my high school teacher to please share with me some of her history. Her name is Andrea Sydenham and has been working for PVUSD for 25 years. She has been an SEI teacher since then, and is now my current boss. I persuaded to ask her to share an experience from her life because I see her teach and she is always caring for her students, as if they were her own children. Andrea mention to me that her first couple years were very tough due to the condition of the school. When she started working at North Canyon High School it was considered a violent, gangster school. However, throughout the years, there has been a change in the school’s environment. Due to the different administrations there has been.
The event that she
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Andre has been teaching students who come from other countries, for 25 years. Andrea mentioned that the biggest challenge was always answering the question, "What does it matter if I graduate? I am not going to be able to get a driver's license or a job anyway?"
As a teacher, it was very hard to motivate students when it seemed as if they were headed for a dead end. Unfortunately, this was the reality for many students during the early years of her teaching career, and many of them dropped out and often went down a bad path. As hard as she tried to help students to graduate many of her students were not successful in high school. Many students decided that they were wasting their time going to school and at the end of the day no one cared for a piece of paper that said they finished high school.
Since the Dream Act came about, Andrea saw a distinct difference in student behavior, confidence, and most of all, motivation. They now had Andrea a purpose and a goal, and that was to become productive member of our society and have families of their own that they can support. The students were trying harder in school and they are graduating. Andrea said, “Most importantly, they feel like they
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