Personal Narrative: My Interview With Ms. Yvonne Dill

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I had the pleasure of interviewing Ms. Yvonne Dill who attended UIC (University in Chicago) at the age of 16, which she is extremely proud to say. “I loved it because it was close to my home, and although I was close, I was still able to be independent and live on my own. I did graduate from that school in 4 years.” I am also close to home and I enjoy my independence as well. The only difference between she and I is the fact that I did not attend college at age 16. During her first few weeks as a freshman she admits, “I was not nervous, and I felt as if I was where I belonged. I adjusted very easily, and quickly. Three of my cousins (all two years older than me, two of which are twins) also attended the school, which made the transition very…show more content…
I was always in the library because it was the only place where I could study and completely finish my work without any distractions.” In similarity, I cannot work in my dorm room, or any other place on this campus for that matter other than in the library. Major news stories that she remembers from that year are her memories of “A now famous Author names Toni Morrison had come out with a book, that is still my favorite to this day called “Beloved.” I also remember the Lakers beating Boston that year in the NBA championship because my boyfriend at the time kept up with sports all day.” It's rare to hear someone talk about what book is their favorite, now it's usually who's your favorite music artist or what's your favorite song. Fashions that year in her opinion were “BIG HAIR!!! I would always tease my hair, my children always tell me that I looked ridiculous, but if I could go back, I absolutely would. Neon colors were popular, and tight pants.” Now people in modern day society have either weave/color/natural hairstyles. Similar to today, the legal drinking age at the time was 21. Movies, singers, and TV shows were a big deal at the time also, “I loved the Simpsons and I still do, I would watch Full House with my mother a lot too. I was one of the biggest fans Michael Jackson and Prince, there was never a battle between the two for me.” I…show more content…
“Yes, I had a boyfriend going into college, we were together until his unexpected passing about 6 years ago. We got married at age 20, when I was fresh out of college; he was 2 years older than me. He will always be my soul mate.” I then went on to ask her about her roommate, and their living situation “We are best friends to this day. I was always mature, and when I moved in she was a junior, but we always had a great connection. She respected me, and I did the same. We barely argued, and she still to this day has the kindest heart. She is the godmother to my kids, and I’m the godmother to hers also. My roommate and I also have a mutual respect for each other, and get along well. When it came to visiting her family back home she replied by saying “I was only about a 20 minute train ride away from home, so they would either come visit me for the week, or I’d come home and stay at their home. I would talk to my mother twice a week faithfully, and would speak to my sisters very often, I have 8 so I made time to talk to them all. I would come home for breaks only unless there was a family emergency. I was never homesick so I was never eager to return home in a hurry. I wanted them to miss me ha-ha.” I have the same mindset; I choose to only go home on breaks unless there's an emergency. I want my family to miss me also. I also asked if she had a job on campus… “Thankfully I was fortunate

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