Personal Narrative: My Interview With Sonic

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In July of 2016 I started working at my very first job. It was at one of the best places to get drinks, Sonic. I put my application in around the beginning of June for one position and then I put in another one in at the end of the month for a different position. I ended up getting a call two weeks later. I was really excited when they called me to come in for an interview. The night before the interview I spent about three hours practicing how to answers questions smartly and professionally so they would think I was mature enough for the job. Only a month before I have just turned 16 and that is the minimum age that they will hire. When I went into the interview I was fairly nervous and kept going over everything from the night before.…show more content…
She takes me to the back to an opening that holds the supplies and in the middle is a cold, foldable, metal chair. I don’t know what I expected but I did not anticipate hamburger buns and the smell of old trash would accompany me. The interview went pretty well and I was hired the same day, though I did not get the job I originally wanted. I wanted to be a carhop but I became a switchboard. A switchboard is the one who takes your order. They told me they wanted me to come back the next day so we could get me set up in the system and give me my work clothes. So again I come in fairly nice clothes and get my professional attitude up and running. When I go to the back I am not alone this time. There was an older boy and girl sitting there and waited for everyone to come back. The girl did not strike me as friendly at all but the boy was very welcoming and friendly. Now I did my best to dress in a kind of professional casual and let me tell you, this girl showed up in pajama pants and Nike slides. I was completely muddled with this girl’s choice of attire. I am usually not one to be judgmental but I truly thought she could have dressed a little better, more professionally. After the about five minutes the manager came back and it was time to fill out our work handbook
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