Personal Narrative: My Interview With The Principal At Chapman High School

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This interview had to be the most difficult to schedule. The administrator that I interviewed was Mrs. Kate Thornton, the Vice Principal at Chapman high School. Mrs. Thornton is also the activities coordinator for Chapman high school. Mrs. Thornton herself has a background teaching English, but she also has a speech/theatre background and licensure. I decided to interview her because after my interview with Mrs. Erickson, my cooperating teacher, she ensured me that Mrs. Thornton would love to do it. A little back ground information, Mrs. Thornton is Mrs. Erickson’s daughter, so she was basically volunteered by her mother. I have been doing my practicum placement in chapman so it was also convenient for me seems how I was there every day. After numerous attempts at emailing and scheduling a meeting with Mrs. Thornton, her mother talked to her and I was finally able to be squeezed into her busy schedule. So finally, on November 2, 2017 I was able to have my third and final interview. While I am really appreciative of Mrs. Thornton taking the time to be interviewed, I would…show more content…
Like the instructions on canvas said, I had recognized that because of other priorities and commitments within the school that the commitment the school would like to give toward forensics/debate may not be as high as anyone would like. I brought this up to Mrs. Thornton, and asked if they see forensics as important, or if they ranked it so to speak. The first thing that she said is that there is no ranking in importance when it comes to extracurricular activities. Mrs. Thornton recited what every educator and soon to be educator knows, that studies have shown that students benefit from extracurricular activities. Extracurricular activities, no matter what they are link back to better academic performance, higher GPAs and so
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