Personal Narrative: My Irish Heritage

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You could ask anyone who knows me personally to tell you one thing about me and I know they will all answer with the same thing. Allison is Irish. Really, really Irish. My Irish heritage is what makes me who I am. From my curly hair to my pale skin and all the freckles in between. Being Irish has always been something that I am proud of. Throughout my life, I have continuously been interested in foreign languages and the history of European countries. I have even begun trying to learn some conversational Gaelic in my spare time. This trip would be the adventure of a lifetime for someone like me who enjoys travel and learning about the world around them.

I knew that I needed to apply for this program the second that my uncle sent me the application. I have a sign in my room that reads: Ireland, my heart. USA, my home. I believe that this sign is an accurate representation of me because at the very core of my being is my heritage. I am a writer, which would normally mean that I have no trouble expressing my feelings through words, but just the thought of going to Ireland is such an overwhelming idea that I can scarcely find the words to explain just how much this experience would mean to me. The excitement that
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I want to fully immerse myself in this experience and have the time of my life, doing something I love. I want to make a lasting impression on the world, and where would be better to start than from where my family hails? For as long as I can remember, I have always had the desire to travel to Ireland, I just never thought the opportunity would arise. When people in America ask me what I am, I don’t think twice about my response. I am Irish, I reply. That is how I identify and I think it is what makes me the sort of person I am. I am loud, I am open, I am courageous. I am myself, and I have my brilliant culture to thank for
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