Personal Narrative: My Job In The World Trade Center

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On the morning of september 11, 2001, something happened. People went to work in new york as they regularly did. My job in the world trade center. I arrived in my lambo and crashed into a bush because, I was late for a meeting,because i woke up 20 minutes late.

I walk into the elevator going up to the 33rd floor and saw something coming, and hit the 32nd floor and smoke surrounded me. Then we notice it was a plane. Then I went downstairs and saw a working elevator.

Then there was a big problem. The plane was blocking the elevator and I thought there some people alive so i open the door of the plane and found an open window on the plane and help tons of people who were still alive. Get through that window to that working elevator. Then I heard a Boom sound! I thought another plane hit the world trade center.
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Then 2 minutes later i woke up to see a little glare out of the corner of my eye and people trying to break the door that has a piece of debris. I stumbled out with a broken foot. Move the piece of debris and people treated me straight to the hospital with my family waiting and that was my 9/11
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