Personal Narrative: My Journey At Howard University

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My journey in attending Howard University was not easy nor smooth sailing. The process in determining whether or not I would be a Howard Bison, was strictly contingent on the financial means of my family at the time.
During the process of determining what University monetary funds would lead me too, my siblings were also embarking on new journeys in their lives as well. My eldest sibling was beginning her last full term and beginning to look at graduate programs to extend her education, while another sibling of mine was planning on advancing her education overseas with an expensive study abroad program. With each new journey requiring a monetary contribution from our parents, It is obvious to understand the great pressure my parents were under at the time.
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This plan was ultimately settled by my promise that if they allowed me to go for one year on their dime, I would find a way to stay for the other 3 years.
I am incredibly grateful to my parents for allowing me to go to the school of my dreams, but ultimately it is my job to make sure I return to Howard next fall. With still pressing circumstances that make the finances of our family slim, It is my goal to receive any scholarship I can to alleviate the financial burden my parents are currently
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