Personal Narrative: My Journey Into The Criminal Justice Field

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Starting off the semester I wasn’t even sure I wanted to go into the criminal justice field and if I did what I would be doing in it. I’ve always been the type of person who has wanted to dedicate my time towards helping people and improving the world we live in. After taking this course I’ve really thought a lot about my future and what I’m going to be doing for a career. I decided to go into the police field. After deciding this I interviewed a retired cop that made his way up to chief of police. Edwin Scott is a disabled/retired Police Officer who currently owns a Federally Firearms Licensee (FFL) dealership and working as a gun smith. He continues to hold a Master Peace Officer Certificate and License in the State of Texas. He maintains these in his retirement through completion of 40hrs of…show more content…
Still stuck with his career and did bit at a time working for a few other departments, including one as a Chief of Police for a couple of months. There he ran into corruption again, this time in a political official, a lake community’s general manager who had a problem with impersonating a police officer. He had been scolded twice by the Texas Rangers and decided to do it again on his watch, and he was duty bound to turn him in to the Rangers again. Of course he suspended him which later resulted in him being laid off. and got me fired. He then sued and won a settlement from the lake community for wrongful termination. He only got a slap on the wrist at the time but was later terminated when the lawsuit settled. Eventually he was just keeping his commission as a reserve police officer and started working undercover in a major retailer doing organized theft investigations. Organized theft is where a group of individuals collaborate and orchestrate large thefts of merchandise using subterfuge and distraction tactics. They would hit the store with six to eight members, split up and go about stealing thousands of dollars
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