Personal Narrative: My Journey To A J. D. Degree

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It was on March 2nd, 2014 approximately 7:13AM when my life changed drastically. I gave birth to a six-pound baby boy who now ruled my life. No longer was I a full-time student and employee, but on top of those responsibilities I was now a full-time mother. The following week after giving birth was finals week for my 3rd quarter at Cal State University of Los Angeles, and there was no way I could miss exams. It was then that I told myself I wasn’t going to allow my circumstances to be a burden and an excuse not to pursue my dream to be successful. Only 2 percent of teenage mothers graduate college by age 30, however, I decided not to contribute to this statistic. I have decided to pursue a J.D. degree. My first year at CSULA was extremely overwhelming, and I lacked the motivation to attain good grades. I entered CSULA as a criminal justice major but switched to biology. I wanted to gain more experience as a tutor working with low-income middle school students and it has opened my eyes to the corrupt legal system we have in the U.S. One of the girls I tutored had come to class with bruises on her arms and seemed extremely distraught. As an employer of a middle school, it’s my legal duty to report any sign of abuse. I immediately brought it to the attention of the school principal, and she reported the abuse to the local police. After that day, the young girl never showed up to school again. Out of concern, I asked the school…show more content…
to make a difference in people’s lives. While I have a short-term experience working in a law firm, I feel like my greatest learning experiences have been gained outside of the legal system. My background in biology allows me to not only be a critical thinker, but to analyze every single detail in order to come to a reasonable conclusion. With a minor in English, I’m able to communicate effectively not only through speech, but on paper. I feel like these fortes are vital when pursing a law
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