Personal Narrative: My Journey To Yard Sales

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I believe that you should enjoy the little things before they pass you on by. Me and my grandma used to go to yard sales all the time, we never had to buy anything it was just the being together that was the important thing. Well, I was little so all I could think about was getting that toy that I wanted, or finding that shirt that would make me so cool. I never appreciated the fact that it was just me and her bonding. My Grandmother passed some time ago from lung cancer. Looking back now I wish I hadn’t been so worried about that toy, or that shirt that I was gonna grow out of in a week anyway. I wish I had just stayed by her, and enjoyed having her around before she was gone. I remember riding in the car on our way to the yard sale. All of the smells in that old car, my grandma had hairspray in her hair and it was making me a bit woozy, when she looked at me and talked you could smell the coke on her breath. It was her favorite drink. She always went somewhere with a coke in her hand. In her lap she had a big bag of circus peanuts, her favorite snack. The sweetness mixed into the other smells in the weirdest ways to where it smelt good but you didn’t understand why. Plus, the muskiness of the inside of the car added its aroma to everything. My favorite smell was the smell of coke and circus…show more content…
This will make it so that I can tell stories to my grandchildren, and I can laugh at friends about the stupid and funny stuff we have done in the past. I believe that having this philosophy will just make me a happier human being and a pleasant person to be around. That’s all a man can really hope for really. Is to grow up and be a joy to his family. And so that when I start to tell a story, my children and grandchildren won’t run and hide, they’ll cheer because they get another
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