Personal Narrative: My Junior Year At Broadalbin-Perth High School

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My junior year at Broadalbin-Perth High School had begun and I was was eager to try new things and move onward to the next step of my future. I came to FM as an early admit student seeking new surroundings and friendly faces, and instead I discovered much more than that. I found my future. From day one I was seeking to discover a new challenge. I dove into the hardest courses that FM had to offer, and I discovered a new world. I began with Anatomy and Physiology I and II my first year with Susan Mcleod and Flor Trespalacios. Susan challenged everyone that took her class to search for a deeper understanding of the human body. She, like many other science professors, demanded hard work. Passing her class gave everyone who took it a strong sense of accomplishment for what they had finished. Flor was simply an inspiration. She spoke about hard work and dedication, and her path to getting where she is now was an incredible journey. She juggled many tasks, along with getting her degree, and worked toward her future with vigor. It inspired me to work harder than I have ever had before; to take on new challenges than I ever thought that I…show more content…
She encouraged me to do what I loved and not what would be convenient career move. I became motivated to become like these three women that had all inspired me in different ways. I hope to bring the passion I cultured from Susan, the dedication I’ve committed to from Flor, and the inspiration I’ve gotten from Laurie all with me as I move on to finish my degree. It was because of my experience at FM that I decided to inspire others to learn the way that I was inspired to learn myself. As I move on to the University of Albany, I will be more confident in myself, reassured that I will love what I do; hoping that I will be able to make a difference. Although I am sad to say goodbye to FM, it was because of my experience here that I will make a difference in this
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