Personal Narrative: My Junior Year Of Basketball

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Ever since I was a little kid basketball was my life and I absolutely loved it. From going to 1st grade camps, and looking up to the high school coaches to becoming one of the coaches. I always loved everyone on my team and made many long lasting friendships from basketball that I still have today. My freshman year or sophomore year had to be the best years of all. I got voted captain both years and was both competitive and driven. I wanted to play college basketball so badly and was going to do it. My ACL and MCL injury impacted my mental and physical health in both positive and negative ways. Junior year of basketball was a struggle for me. I didn’t play much because there were seniors playing my position that were better than…show more content…
“Allie it looks like you tore your MCL, ACL and meniscus” My doctor said softly. Tears and tears began running down my face. I remember wanting to be strong in front of my doctor so I waiting until I got into the car before I broke down. “We should plan your surgery date and get you into physical therapy immediately.” I asked my surgeon if I could have my surgery right away so I could get back to the thing I loved most, basketball. “I’m sorry but you can’t have surgery until your MCL is healed and you have full range of motion which will take around 2 months.” My heart was broken. We planned on having my surgery on my spring break in April, and let me add that I was suppose to go to California with my friend and her family. The two months before my surgery I was going to physical therapy 3 times a week and it was kicking my butt. I can’t even begin to explain the pain I had to go through just to get my knee to bend 1 centimeter. Knowing that after surgery I was going to have to do it all over again made me hate life more than I already did. The week right before my surgery was one of the best weeks. My surgeon told me I didn’t have to wear my brace to bed or during the day as a present for working so hard the past several weeks. The night before my surgery came and I was a wreck. Horrible thoughts filled my mind, “What if they do the wrong knee or what if something goes wrong and I die?” Thankfully the surgery went really well, and I woke up on a lot of drugs. I don’t remember this but my mom told me that I cried because my foot was orange. Also, because I wanted my bed and dog which seemed pretty accurate. Showering was a horrible struggle and I never wanted to do it because I had to sit on a shower chair while I showered. It was painful just to get out of bed and go to the bathroom. When I thought of what Hell would be like, immediately I thought of my physical therapy place. I would
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