Personal Narrative: My Knee Surgery

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I had been cringing about day for so long. I was completely terrified to go into that room. As the door opened I was exposed to a cold draft and I could feel the dense air. The day I was told this needed to be done was horrifying, and now it’s actually happening. They rolled me over to a new bed and I looked around seeing doctors everywhere. There was a table that they rolled next to me and on it was things that I can’t even explain. They put a green mask on me with tubes going through both sides of it. They told me I’d get drowsy and all of the sudden I closed my eyes and it was happening. I was getting knee surgery. I woke up startled and didn’t know where I was. I had an IV in my arm and my parents were staring at me. The doctor came in…show more content…
I wasn’t able to run for a long time because of my knee and now since I’m better I can run. The moment I got up and ran was the best feeling ever. The wind in my face felt unexplainable. I could go places which I wasn’t able to do for what felt like forever. I went to the mall, to get groceries and even swimming. When I went swimming and that cold water hit me I felt normal again. I hadn’t been in water like that in weeks. Another way knee surgery changed my life is I can do sports. I wasn’t able to do sports because if I well or got bumped it could damage my knee even more. I can play basketball, football, volleyball and many more. I am planning on trying out for basketball this year and I’m really thrilled about it. Without being able to do sports then I wouldn’t really have anything to do. My friends would all be at their games or practices and I would be doing nothing. Now that I can do sports it’s really changing my life. The last reason knee surgery has changed my life is that I don’t have to do physical therapy anymore. With not having to do therapy anymore has really changed my life in many ways because it takes a lot of time and effort to go even for just an hour. Now I don’t have to go anymore and I can focus on other things like my family and friends. That is why physical therapy has changed my life and also the last
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