Personal Narrative: My Kuder Results

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I was not too surprised at my results. My highest scores were in conventional, social, and investigative. When it comes to a career, I am pretty conventional. I like things to be straightforward, organized, and by the book. Math is one of my strong suits and I know that as a conventional goes, careers revolving around math, spreadsheets, and organization fit that category. It isn't and ideal career for me, but it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. Investigative was expected. I enjoy things that revolve around science and experimentation. This aspect of a career is where I see myself having a job in the future. The Kuder suggested careers like nursing, medicine, research, etc. The last area that I scored high in was social. this was almost least surprising to me. Over the summers, I have spent years with kids. I have nannied for a long time and I enjoy it. Working with kids is something that I am good at and that I have a passion for. For the most part, the Kuder assessment matched with my interests pretty well. I think that my Kuder results have accurately matched my personality and my future goals. I will say that one thing they did not pick up about me is that I…show more content…
Both of the assessments suggested health or teaching related jobs. I think that accurately describes me, but I think the Kuder results were more accurate. The only reason that I say this is because the Kuder results had a three pronged result while the ME3 only seemed to have one. The ME3 defined me as social, but the Kuder defined me as social, investigative, and conventional. I think that covers a larger range of jobs and majors that I might be successful at or be interested in. Like i said earlier, math is one of my strong suits and I enjoy math class. The ME3 results did not have nay jobs or majors that incorporated anything similar to that, but the Kuder included conventional in my description which include engineering and
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