Personal Narrative: My Last Year Of Middle School

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“This is it, Jacob. this our last year of middle school”I Told Jacob as we’re walking into school
“I know!Next year we’ll be freshmen next year in high school though, Nat” Jacob told me
“Jacob and I go way back from 3rd grade. He was my first friend at eagle elementary school.Before I came here to Irvine,California I used to live in Wichita,Kansas in a house with my aunt and two cousins, it was hard living with them it was like a Cinderella story for me.I usually would hang out with my cousins which lived across the street from us.We always walked to school since we only lived 5 minutes away.The only reason why we moved to California is because my mom Dad got promoted at work.He's an architect I didn't even realize you could get promoted doing
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We only got 3 classes together this year and it's electives and math class. So we went to class. I Had social studies for first period. I could already tell the teacher was gonna be boring and grumpy this every first day all the teachers introduce them selves in the most boring way. Fast forward the day to gym.The PE teacher was intense I had her last year she makes us run more than a mile!she makes us run three miles, Jacob and I have this class together and he was hanging out with a different group of people.He was hanging out with all the the athletes.It's weird cause just a couple weeks later I was hanging out with all the girls and he was hanging out with a specific group of boys who always got in trouble at lunch break.We were starting to drift apart. He still said hi to me in the halls and would message me here and there but it wasn't the same. He was like the girl friend i never had. I would always tell him everything now I just tell him how my day was.I had a soccer game this weekend and I decided to invite him to my game,not surprised he didn't come he's been ignoring me since the first week of school!So knowing me i decided to text
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