Personal Narrative: My Leadership At Saint Viator

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There have been several times where I have shown leadership here at Saint Viator. I have been a part of Service and Song every summer, where I have lead 6th through 8th graders who are interested in helping others, and dedicated in bettering our community. Every year I have been a group leader, leading them through our service trips, leading them through group discussions, and leading icebreakers. When doing this I made sure to get everyone involved and make everyone feel comfortable with each other. I also had the honor of really getting to know the kids who will one day be walking through our halls. For me being, a leader means always doing the right thing and inspiring others. Another time I have shown leadership is when I didn’t have a…show more content…
I care for others; aid to people’s needs, am always there to lend a helping hand and willing to lead others. I am a hard worker and love working with others especially my peers. My upbeat attitude will shine through and radiate through the freshman as they walk through our halls. My positivity and optimistic attitude will encourage them to make their high school experience the best it can be. My big heart will help them feel like they are at home, and that we are one big family. My leadership will encourage the class of 2020 to become leaders for our school. Freshman year can be nerve-racking, but just as my LINK leaders made me feel freshman year, I want to help the incoming class of 2020 to feel as comfortable as possible. Along with encouraging them to make the best out of their experience at Viator, I will encourage them to get involved with our sports, clubs and activities we offer because there is always something for everyone. We are all in this high school journey together and I want everyone to be able to be as successful and feel as a part of our Viator family as possible. I will always look after every freshman and take them under my wing because I know how much it means to have someone pave the way for
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