Personal Narrative: My Leadership Experience

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I had the privilege of sitting next to an Aviation Survival Technician Chief (ASTC) for four and a half weeks! I will never forget my experience at Chief Petty Officers Academy (CPOA). The Leadership Practices Inventory was an extremely useful tool. I finally got a chance to get back into a workout routine with new ideas. I had the chance to meet seventy-one people to expand my networking. During the Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) class I had the chance to read what everyone had to say about my leadership ability. It was a very unique way of seeing what my people, peers and supervisors thought about me. Prior to seeing the results, I didn’t think I would score as high in certain categories such as encouraging the heart but after all…show more content…
During the morning workouts, I was exposed to new workouts that I can take back to a Cutter and use with limited space such as the buoy deck. Circuit training gave me the ability to get a full body workout while keeping my heart rate elevated to burn the maximum amount of calories. The Total Body Resistance Exercise (TRX) workout is another that I can bring back to my ship and continue to do with limited space. After getting dismissed from class, I was able to go the gym and do weight training. This is something that I haven’t been able to do for some time with long work hours and a commute home. I’m going to make it a priority to continue working out and make it a routine in my lifestyle. Aside from working out, I had the chance to meet seventy-one people to expand my networking. So far in my twelve and a half year career, I haven’t had the chance to work with all the different rates the Coast Guard has. In group Patton, we had 7 different rates along with one Air Force rate. It was an amazing experience having these different rates and seeing their prospective on all the challenges we were presented. I now have the tool of networking to use if I have a challenge that one of those other rates has
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