Personal Narrative: My Left Eye

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Day 1: Ch 1-5
I know the feeling of being different and not being like everyone else. Shawn has CP which makes it so he can’t walk or talk and can’t do everything other kids can do. I know how he feels because when I was born I was born with Glaucoma and HPV (Hyper Persistent Vitreous) which makes it so I my left eye is weaker and smaller than the other and it clouds the eye and makes it hard to eye. Due to my eye problem it limits the stuff I can do and how I do stuff that normal people do. It doesn’t really hold me back on major things that people do just some things that some kids do I can’t do because there is a risk of something happening and making the eye worse or damaging the other eye. If my other eye were to get damaged I would be
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He still goes to school and learns just like us he just has to get taught in a different way. He is secretly smart but just can’t do anything to show because he can’t talk and has know way of showing he is smart. That’s how I felt because from 1st grade to 2nd grade I had to wear this thing called a patch on my eye to help get it stronger so I can get some vision back in it and I had to deal with looking different and not being like everyone else because while everyone was out at recess 2 out of the 5 days I had to stay in and be tested and have all these numbers put in front of my face to help strengthen my eye. This is what I realized reading this chapter. (I don't know if this response really goes with the…show more content…
I feel that it is horrific because how could a father want to kill his own son just because he has a disability. Even though Shawn’s dad may think his son would be happier if he was dead, he has no way to justify that because Shawn can’t just say I do or I don’t want to be killed. Also there is no way to tell if Shawn is enjoying his life even though he can’t move, talk, or doing anything with the help of someone so if his dad were to kill him potentially he could be killing his son even though he is actually enjoying life despite his disability. If Shawn’s dad we to kill him what would people think of his dad as a person would he be a hero for putting his son out of his misery or would he be a monster for doing something so cruel and unjustified. I feel that if Shawn’s dad were to kill him his family and everyone else would see him as a monster for taking an innocent boy's life just because he thinks he is unhappy. To sum it all I feel one word that sums up my reading would have to be horrific because even the thought of taking your own sons life is cruel and
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