Personal Narrative: My Lessons Learned While Attending George Washington University

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I have had many experiences that have taught me valuable lessons and changed my point of view while attending George Washington University. During my first semester, I have had the opportunity to trust student-written professor reviews, learn my professor, learn myself, and answer intriguing questions. Throughout my first semester at GW, I have had a collection of positive and negative occurrences that I have since attempted to study and analyze. From colonial inauguration to taking tests, college has been a journey that has ebbed and flowed. One of these experiences occurred as soon as I scheduled for classes after Colonial Inauguration. Even though I check before I register for a class, there was one class that had a professor…show more content…
In high school, I was accustomed to blindly guessing what I needed to know for a test. However, in my politics class at GW my teacher sent out study questions to guide us through our reading assignments. Still paranoid of what may surprise me on the test, I spent hours tediously studying every page of information assigned. Not only was I dissatisfied with my grade, but I also realized while taking the test how much time I wasted using my old method of studying. Studying for quality is much more important than studying for quantity. If the professor allows me to know in advance what questions he is likely to ask, why waste time studying other aspects of the reading? For this reason, I also learned that I must not only study the contend my professor teaches, but also study the professor him or herself. If I know what type of content my professor enjoys or finds interesting, I could possibly anticipate future test questions. Later this semester, I attempted to guess what questions my politics professor would include on a test and I was delighted at my accuracy. After the test, I was also delighted at my results. As I continued to use this method of studying and predicting, the difficulty of the class dropped astoundingly. I spent half as much time studying and my test grades began rising to one-hundred percent. All because I…show more content…
My question was: Do introverts and extroverts use social media differently? As my research progressed, I realized that introverts and extroverts utilize social media in polar opposite fashions. This was astonishing to me because I never contemplated the flexibility of social media in such detail. From the way people regard their friends list to public networking, the method of which a person approaches these aspects of social media depends on the individual’s personality type. For example, an extrovert is more likely to accept hundreds of people onto his or her friends list while an introvert would rather only include his or her real life friends. As an introvert, I agreed with the study. I rarely accept friend requests from strangers. However, I had no idea that there were people who behaved in a polar opposite manner. I naturally assumed that people did not want hundreds of friends, they did not know. As I progressed in my research I realized that extroverts are opposite to introverts in many aspects, such as: social media interaction and networking. Not only did I answer my question, but I also enlightened myself to better understand the world around
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