Personal Narrative: My Life After Attending College

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Ever since I was young, I had a very well rounded primary level of support. This level consisted of my mother and father. All throughout my academic journey leading up to college, they have been the ones who have carried me through the roughest and easiest of times. When I was in middle school, my immediate family had placed a demand on attending college. They looked at college as if it were the only option after graduating high school. This constant demand really altered how I looked at attending college. It was almost programed into my brain that college was my only option I had after I graduating high school. My mother told me “even if you do not wish to attend college, you are going, to better you self in education”. When she stated this…show more content…
I believe by her placing a great stress on college opened my eyes to the opportunities that came along with a college experience. As junior years approached I began filling in my own picture, sending applications to colleges I thought meet my criteria. Rowan was my first choice and when the acceptance came in the mail I practically had my mind made up. A big influential factor in my life to help me on my decision to attend Rowan University was my father. At the start of my senior year, he had applied for different jobs at various locations. He landed a job on Rowan University Glassboro campus. By him accepting this job really heightened my chance of getting into Rowan. This factors played a much larger role, it allow me to go to college debate free. He was able to receive a college wavier and I was able to attend Rowan with little to no payments. This really helped me, because if it weren’t for this job opportunity, I would be leaving Rowan in sever debate because my family at the time had no way to pay for college other than student loans. My final primary level was my Aunt Josie who had been living with us up until the day she passed…show more content…
She showed me the advantages of attending. These consisted of no loans, a higher education, a college degree, and more job opportunities after graduation. If it weren’t for my Aunt, I would have little to no awareness of all the benefits that college could bring. Her enlightenment also helped me to come to the realization of why my mother often but so much pressure on me to attend college. When talking about college with my Aunt one thing really stuck out to me; what will my major be? I panic of the thought that I had to make this lifelong decision in the matter of months. She willing when over all of the degree option and allowed me to better understanding and rule out the one I particularly liked. In return, my Aunt’s help made me realize that I would be best suited at Rowan. They had the most degree options to choose from, opposed to the other
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