Personal Narrative: My Life As A Preschool

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When I was born it was around lunchtime on October 27, 1998 in the Plainville hospital. All went well other than the fact that I would not eat and had to stay in the hospital a little longer along with a few check ups afterwards. I never attended a formal preschool but, I went to daycare where my babysitter taught me the same as a preschool would. I have always lived in Stockton and have lived in three different houses. One of those houses was the rental house we had to stay in until we finished building our new house. We moved into the same house I am living in now when I was almost in kindergarten right next door to my daycare friend Joel. I am technically the youngest in my family and have one sister, but I like to say I am the middle…show more content…
One of those happened when I was in first grade, I was outside playing with some other kids while my mom was having a get together in the house. I saw a dog wandering toward our house so I picked up our cat to take him inside, but he got scared and climbed up my head. The memory is still surprisingly clear, I had blood flowing over my face, my dad came outside, picked me up, and he carried me into the house, in front of all the guests. I ended up with having small claw marks on my forehead, but that wasn’t the end. My injury got infected and my face swelled up so bad my principal, and family friend, couldn’t recognise me. This incident was not only traumatic from the incident happening but also from the names I was called. Even though it was just joking around, my sister called me Harry Potter. When I was little I was very sensitive to any of the names people would call me and it took me awhile to get over…show more content…
I had gone to 4-H camps for a while but that never seemed to help with my shyness. It was when I started going to CYO, catholic youth organization, camp that I started to come out of my shell. My shyness didn’t go away all at once, I am in fact still trying to overcome this and starting to feel more comfortable talking to strangers. I still get really nervous when I speak in public and shake a little when I sing, but what stumps me is how I am not nervous at all when I am acting. I may never know why I feel so comfortable pretending to be someone
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