Personal Narrative: My Life As A Sports Team

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I was born into a family that was immersed in sports culture. Ever since I was an infant, my parents would take me to watch my brothers soccer games and while I didn’t comprehend all aspects of the game, I knew in my heart that I wanted to be the preeminent soccer player in the world and make my brothers proud. When I was six, my mother registered me into the “Spokane Valley Jr. Soccer Association”. I spent incalculable hours kicking and dribbling around in my backyard envisioning myself as the world’s best player, leading my team to the world championship. Fast forward 8 years and I was now on a nationally ranked premier team with all my childhood companions. We practiced five days a week and competed year round, traveling all over the West coast for tournaments. I considered myself not only a founding member of the team, but an integral player.…show more content…
I would never again play with the dynasty that I had spent years training alongside. I was completely destroyed. I laid in my bed crying and thinking to myself that I was now nothing because I had lost this “social status” of being on a sports team. I gained so much confidence from being part of a team that without it, I felt like I was valueless. I did not want to tell my brothers for fear that I had let them down. I yelled at my mother that I could never go back to school for fear that all my soccer friends would either ignore me or pity me. I thought of a thousand possible explanations for reasons why I would have been (unjustly) cut from the
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