Personal Narrative : My Life Of College

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My journey to college began around 7th grade in middle school, I would always hear instructors mention further education. There was a huge emphasis on being prepared for high school and to begin considering a career. At that point, there was also the influence of both my parents to pursue a career. My father would always tell me about his past work experience and end his statements with, “does that sound like a nice job to do?” for example, around 1989 he worked at a dairy farm. In 1992 he worked the night shift at the old Butterball factory; in the late 90’s he began construction, which is what he currently does for a living. With this in mind I began to search for inspiration. I had always been a huge fan of racing videogames. I loved hustling a 600 horsepower Corvette around Willow Springs Raceway or Laguna Seca. I enjoyed games like Forza and Need for speed. At that point I started getting more into the internet. I enjoyed doing random research about things I would get curious about, like music artists or new technology. During this time I was finishing up 8th grade. One afternoon of casual scavenging I bumped into a TV show called Top gear. This was the beginning of my inspiration. I really enjoyed watching this show! This TV show had both comedy and research behind it; I liked doing both of those things on my time off. Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond became my Idols. These 3 guys would go on adventures around Europe doing research about different
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