Personal Narrative : My Life Of Lean

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Stephen Sanders Dr. Jahan Muhammad AMS 394 Lean Manufacturing My Life of Lean I come from a long line of craftsman’s and only being 31 years of age, I have been really fortunate to stay working and not just working with one job either. Various trades, customizing, production, back braking, you name it I have done. My name is Stephen Sanders II and at 16 years old I practically begged my father to show me the ways of building a custom set of stairs, trim, put crown molding up and base down. Needless to say that my father owned his own custom trim carpentry business. My father had and still has a reputation producing high quality, forever lasting works-of-art. No house was the same but the guarantee was. Now I was part of the pack. Learning the in’s and out’s to carpentry is very valuable and my father would pick up different jobs when he wasn’t covered up with trim work. The jobs would range from weed eating the yard to complete ground-breaking--start to finish on residential and commercial buildings. Learning the necessary carpentry skills comes with its ups and downs. Usually at the beginning of every year through fall. Construction would stay afloat and we usually were covered up with work. When old man winter came, work slowed, sometimes completely come to a stop. Having 5-6 years of training under my belt and now at the ripe age of 23, I know that I couldn’t keep working this way. I couldn’t spread my wings and fly. I wanted a place of my own. I wanted my own
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