Personal Narrative : My Life Of River Rafting

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My life flashed before my eyes right before I was about to get crushed by a rock 10 feet taller than I was. This story will tell the time I went white river rafting and almost died. Being on vacation doesn’t always mean everything is perfect. While I was rafting, the whole experience took a turn for the worst. I was suddenly gasping for air as the malicious currents dragged me down wanting to trap me in their home forever. My body weak and exhausted from being toyed around with by the water, I fell into an unconscious state. I started to remember the car ride to my rafting destination. Upon arriving, I was given my equipment and a set of instruction to follow. My sister, her friend and I were paired up with our tour guide and headed on with our three hour journey across the Pacuare River. Little did I know that my life was close to being put to an end. The rest is history, I was just happy to make it out alive. River Rafting is known to be an extreme adventure activity. The experience takes about three hours total. With usually a group of four, the people are placed in a squared yellow raft with each person holding a paddle board. Depending on which river that is chosen to raft, there are five levels. Level number one is when the current is peaceful and level number five is when the current is at its strongest and can possibly flip your raft over. Sitting opposite from each other on the edge of the raft, the guide tells you what direction to paddle and when to duck into the
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