Personal Narrative: My Literacy Acquisition

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My understanding of literacy has expanded over the course of my education. At the time, it came to my understanding that literacy was just an ability to learn how to read and write. Although this has been a part of my education, over time I have come to understand that literacy is a complex journey that involves learning how to take the written word and manifest on what it means to express yourself through writing. It also involves the ability to express your opinions and feelings through the written word. Clearly, this is not something that is mastered in elementary but, over time I got better. As a college student, I still feel like my literacy is evolving. The reason for this slow assimilation is greatly tied to my mistakes. As I will demonstrate through this autobiography of my literacy, experiences gained through the process of “growing up” really do inform a person’s literacy acquisition. In this…show more content…
I would spent a fair amount of my early childhood progressing my imagination into the Dr. Seuss books. Perhaps we, as a society, could learn how to invest our imagination into scholarly writings as much as we do into fictional novels. I didn’t really learn about critical literacy until I was in my English 91 class. However, as I look back into my steps of learning literacy, I realize how difficult writing essays were and still are for me as a college student. The biggest piece of the puzzle is to not be afraid or self-conscious about expressing your opinions and feelings through writing. Sometimes my teachers would think outside of the box and have us write down in a list of how we are feeling today and what motivates us. This is simple technique helps us to express ourselves and we become open in to our feelings through words. I believe that I learned how to express myself and become a creative writer and love reading to see other people’s creative writing and
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