Personal Narrative: My Loss Of Privacy

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Born in the year 2000, I am almost 27 years and in this short time I have been deprived of many things; my life is not what it used to be. NO, much has changed, I know that I should be like my friends who have fun and party every day. Yet, that is not the case. I am different, I am able to understand things others cannot. I am constantly being watched, every single breath I take gets recorded, every tear, every laugh, every single movement my body does is seen. I have become very paranoid over the years; I am lost in my own world. My body is no longer free to do as it may without the fear of being caught or seen. There is no such thing as privacy, privacy has been gone for years. I remember as a child I was constantly told that by the year 2040, we would all be a part of the government and have few forms of expression. I never thought this would come so soon. They were wrong.…show more content…
At only 27 I have been robbed of my own ideas. They have been gone, my art has been displayed to everyone without my permission. The art I create with my words, my body, my intellect; they are all gone. I have to apologize to future generations for being a part of the government. Instead of going against it, I have stayed hidden and lay in my own puddle of overwhelming depression. A depression caused by the inability to be myself. I, like many, have been a coward and have not participated in all those marches, riots and nonviolent fights. This ends tonight, tonight I will end this torture brought upon us by
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