Personal Narrative: My Loss Of Self

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Everyone can look back to a time in their life where they became lost, physically or mentally. Some people remember being lost in a grocery store when they were young, and others go through rough patches in their life where they have lost all hope mentally. This is the story of the day I became lost. In the summer between my freshman and sophomore year in high school I struggled with finding myself as a person. There were multiple days where I became aggressive and got into verbal and almost physical fights with my family. The slightest little thing would set me off and many days I found myself alone in my room agitated at the world for cursing me with an attitude. I did not have many friends so there was no one I could turn to in my time of need. Each…show more content…
There was this one particular day, where my mother and I got into a fight where we were both in each other’s face. I found myself being physically dragged to my room by my father to stop me from arguing. I was laying in my bed and feeling as though all hope was lost. I took out a pen and a piece of paper and began to write my rage into this note. This was the day I lost myself. I had no one to turn to and I felt as if no one would notice or even care if I was gone. However, I may have written a note but I would have never acted on it.
Days later my parents came downstairs with tears in their eyes. Suddenly I knew that they had found what I had written, and I have never seen my father so utterly disappointed and in so much pain. While this is a story about being lost, most lost things become found again, and this would mark the day that I would be found again. Even though this day became one of my darkest days, I realize now that even though my parents were heartbroken of what I had written it showed that the truly cared about me and I would not want to lose
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