Personal Narrative: My Love For One Religion

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I’ve never felt truly attracted to any one religion before. Through all my hours of studying and researching I realized I needed to look more within myself to find what I spiritually and religiously need. I’ve come to the conclusion that I just don’t have one that fits me, or at least I haven’t found it yet. Growing up my parents made sure I was raised non-religious so I would be able to choose something that was for myself and not just because it was what I was raised into. Since majority of my family I lived around were Baptist I did end up learning the basics of the Bible and church even though I never attended. Even while reading the stories and scriptures I never found them to be special the way other kids around me did. To me they were just great stories and quotes to read and live by if you choose to or learn from even. As…show more content…
They go to Jesus knowing that nothing they do will ever be enough to repay him for dying for their sins. From what I’ve observed living life as a Christian is just trusting in God, praying, and living by his word. I’ve seen young people my age go to church and worship and still come back doing wrong because they know they can ask for forgiveness. To me that defeats the purpose of living right all together, so my way is through karma. I believe that what ever you do will come back to you, whatever vibrations you put into the universe will be reverberated right back to you. It might not happen instantly but one day it will come back to you. Prayer is a big part in Christianity no matter the denomination but I feel that during that time you’re only speaking to God you still need time to listen to what he has to say. Meditation is the best way to listen to your higher power, then you can not just hear it but feel it. Sometimes you may get a direct vibration or a spirit guide may be sent to guide you through your day. God can talk to you through dreams also you just have to know what to look
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