Personal Narrative: My Love For The Football Team

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Hey, I’m Jeremy just some average high school gay guy who loved basically everything really except for sports, which bored the shit out of me. Anyway I am a pretty popular person, but my main group of friends consisted of six people. This included a guy named Chase Prower, he was like a linebacker for the football team, he was a total jerk to most people that tried to talk to him. Of course once you got to know him he wasn’t that bad, he had blue eyes, blonde hair, yea I know stereotypical. He was also like 5’9” and was pretty hot, but his personality overall was shit well at least how he treated women. Our group also insisted of these two twins names Sarah and Sara, they were complete opposites of each other, but other than their options of…show more content…
Everytime we came over she would bake pizza bagels for all of us to eat, on occasion though she would cook real dinners. I was her favorite, well after her own children, and I always loved to come over to Sarah and Sara’s house. She was about 5’7” brunette like her children, with hazel eyes, according to Chase she was a total MILF. I mean she had a nice boob size and all, but I was interested on how nice she was. She wasn’t a total pushover though, she knew how to compose herself without being too pushy. She always smelled as if mother nature had a child and then bathed her in the essence of spring. She always tied her hair back and let her bangs run loose over her semi-circular glasses, while she wore blouses of many light hues of yellows, pinks, whites, and blue. She did frequent gardening and had her own chicken coop, in which she took care of herself. Mother Deborah was the classic 50’s girl who could clean, cook, and take care of the children. But she did not let her husband get away with doing nothing, she made him clean the house every time he had friends over which was at least three times a week. Mother Deborah was a home body as she was a writer, she wrote critically acclaimed dramatic adventure stories. She also had a gardening and cooking blog, which was reviewed by many other people. Mother Deborah made decent money with her husband being a normal 9 to 5 office job in which he
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