Personal Narrative: My Love For Writing

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It all comes back to when I picked up my first book as a child. I was always the kid that would sit in the corner and read while everyone was playing outside. I remember staring at the words typed on the pages on my books and wanting to be the one that wrote them. It came so naturally to me. As my love for reading grew, I started to be capable of writing. At that moment, it was just messy scribbles and circles on blank paper but to me, it was so much more.

I would sit in my living rooms for hours, scribbling away, creating the stories that appeared in my thoughts. At that age, they were your typical damsel-in-distress stories, filled with your cliche scary dragon and the handsome prince that always saved the day. As I grew older, I ran to writing as an escape; a way for me to handle any emotions or problems I occurred. The words I wrote lingered of grief, stress and sadness but, it became my opportunity to cope with everything that happened to me as I transitioned from an innocent toddler to a mature teenager.

When thinking about jobs, I always wanted to be a teacher. I begged my parents when I was about five to put a chalkboard in the garage so I could doodle on it. After realizing I wouldn’t give up on this idea, they finally agreed and for many years after, I would hang out in my garage for several hours teaching my
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I had passion and love for writing and if getting a job as a writer meant I had to work the hardest I ever would, I was ready for that but, first I needed a degree in it. That’s when university time came around. There had always been questions lingering around as I told people I’m majoring in english. The main one being “What are you going to do with an english degree?” At first, I had no idea but, as I did my research, I realized that english degree graduates can be found in every single industry, filling a variety of roles from editor all the way to
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