Personal Narrative-My Love Of Playing Basketball

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The thing I miss the most about summer is all the extra time I had. With most of the time that I lost when coming to school, during the summer, I was at Mercy HealthPlex playing basketball with friends. We played all sorts of games like Chicago 21, and just regular games of 5v5, 4v4, 3v3, 2v2, and sometimes even 1v1. Chicago 21 is a free-for-all game where someone starts at the top of the key, and then the rest of the kids get in line, and the person in the front 1v1s the person. The duo plays until somebody scores, and whoever scores, stays, to win the game you have to score 21 points. What kept me going every day was the grind and the determination to get better, not to mention the shoe game at the HealthPlex with shoes from Adidas Ultra…show more content…
This is because both the basketball hoop and me are durable and hard to bring down. This is true for me because it is very hard to take me down either mentally or physically. An example of this is when people try to tell me I am bad at something for say basketball and I prove them wrong, but always stay humble about it. This characteristic is true for a basketball hoop because as hard as you try physically there is no way you could pull it down, it always bounces back. An example of this is on tv, when Udoka Azubuike from Kansas University, slammed down a dunk on a hoop in Italy, and as close as it got, it never fell down and the backboard didn’t shatter. In conclusion, both me and a basketball hoop are very similar in many ways.
When I think about school I think about how most of the classes that I have experienced are boring, except I feel like this year could be better. I think in a positive mind set because you legally have to go to school, so you might as well make the most of it. Plus if you have a positive mindset school goes by a lot quicker. I also try to enjoy my encore and lunch time because they’re the only break that we get from intense learning. In conclusion, I feel that school is somewhat boring, but If you have a good attitude it will be easier and quicker and more
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