Personal Narrative : My Love Story

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My love story is full of sweet, bitter, sour, and salty feeling, but, in my mind, memories of the day that my husband left me alone in Viet Nam still engraved in my mind. The fear of losing someone I have treasured created a storm in my chest. Struggling with many obstacles, misunderstanding in communication, a storm in my husband’s chest appeared too. Or to go back: My husband immigrated to the United States with his family 7 years ago. It was the hard time for him when he faced many obstacles in America without helps from family or friends. Working from early morning and coming back home late at night, he did worked hard but his wage was low. His stint working in a small pharmacy store persuade him to get a bachelor degree. At the same…show more content…
When I ready went to work at 7 a.m, the phone rang, he said cheerfully and he didn’t know that I was in a bad mood. “Hi honey, what are you doing? I had a good news for you” “Ready to go to work,” I answered. “Do you miss me?” I was silent for a moment, I answered in a perfunctory way “Um” “What happened to you?” He started to ask me with caring attitude “nothing” “really?” “um” I repeated “It was still ok last night, what happened to you?” he continued asking me with a bigger voice Annoyance came to me. I screamed on the phone “nothing. Stop asking me!” My voice became bigger as I want to do something bad with him. I started saying something unreasonably with him “what did you do? You don’t know how much I worried for you when you didn’t call me in the early morning. Everything you can do for me is just calling. How can you take care for me even though you cannot make a call at the right time. I wish I had not loved you”. I realized that I was immediately unreasonable when I stop saying that. He was silent and I hear a strange voice on the phone. I realized he said while he was crying like a baby “I got an interview for a better job and I did it”. He hangs the phone and what I heard at that time is “Tut tut...” I dropped my handbag and I tasted something salty on my lip. The tears covered my face. I felt guilty with what I just did. I calmed down and called him back but he didn’t pick up my phone I knew
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