Personal Narrative: My Loving Girlfriend Essay

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It’s another dark rainy day on this depressing island as we sit here crying and wallowing in our own misery. We have been here for countless days and endless nights. I ask myself, “how did we get here,” and she asks every day, “Will she die?” All I know is that we need to get the hell off this peninsula of melancholy, this fortress of sorrow. I think loudly to myself “Can someone save us from this solitude from the outside world!” Allow me to introduce myself I go by the name of CJ. I’m your average teen with an average life but with a crazy story. It all started one scorching hot morning in late August. I met up with a girl named Mary Doe, who was very special because she was my girl. I first met her in elementary school on the…show more content…
I got a crazy but loving girlfriend and no worries. We decided today that we would walk together to a place boring to the old age and saddening young age. I say, “Man this is nerve reckon, why must we go to this depressing place that haunts my dreams and kills my freedom.” “Stop whining like a baby.” She says, “Be a man.” “I am more of man just going to this place so get off my back,” I reply. She looks at me and smiles with assurance. We lock hands and begin our great journey to a world that’s hard to describe. Chapter 2: “The Truth Hurts” As we enter through the double doors that creaked and squeaked, I looked at Mary Doe to find her trembling just as bad as me. Each step we take we could feel the vibration of other steps walking as we are. It was like being in a herd of wildebeest as they trample the ground when they walk. “I want to go home,” Mary Joe cries. “Why do we have to be here? Whose idea was it to come to here? Somebody please answer me.” “Why indeed,” a voice says. “Why indeed do you have to be here? I will tell you that it’s not any of your concern why you have to be here.” I responded angrily, “And who the hell are you to tell her what she need to be concerned about?” “I am the person that is in charge of you from now until the summer”. The voice replied as a man walked up out of shadows. “You are not making a big first impression on
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