Personal Narrative: My Mental Illness

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I’ve got a few mental illnesses, some more major than others, and I’m still trying to figure them all out. I’m on medication, and the doctors are helping me as much as I will let them.

It all started when I was around 14 years old. I realized something was wrong with me for a long time and and I was confused on why I was always sad, and why my mind felt like it was a million miles away. The thoughts I had been having were absurd. All i could keep thinking was, ‘What fourteen year old has these kinds of thoughts on a daily basis? Is this normal?’ I was talking to my mom one day, asking her so many questions, and she didn’t even completely understand what i was going through. During my conversation with her i found out she had went to the doctor for her out of whack emotions. She was prescribed a drug called Prozac to help her control her emotions better. Little did i know i would be taking the same thing in a matter of time.
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I was a really nervous to even walk in the front door. The doctor called me in and was asking me questions to figure out what they could do for me. They told me I sounded depressed and then not at the same time. I was told it was bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder is when you can't handle your emotions, it causes you to be happy, sad, angry, and more. The doctors weren’t clear to me on what i could do, they just put me on medication and sent me on my way. I started taking it the next day, and had to wait at least a week or two to call the doctor and tell them how it was going. My mom had told them that she had seen a difference in my attitude and overall mood. It was a good enough change for the doctors to stop worrying about it. I was extremely happy that some of the bad thoughts were dulled down, and my emotions weren't all over the
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