Personal Narrative: My Mistakes

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“The past is where you learned the lesson.” Mistakes happen to everyone. Some change you for better or for worse, but all mistakes give you a lesson. These lessons help you form your identity and how you are viewed by others. With this you can either succeed or fail. One of my mistakes that changed me for the better was taking a break from softball. I have been playing softball since I was 3, and I've been playing at a higher level since I was 10. Softball has always been a part of my life that I love, but it takes a lot of time. Every Saturday would be filled with games of softball starting early in the morning and ending late at night . Then on Sundays, we would have practiced for at least 4 hours. During the week, we would practice for two hours Tuesdays and Thursdays. Mondays and Wednesday we would condition. As all this was going on, I had a knee problem where my tendon would shift over. This causes me much pain and still to this day I think my knee is messed up from all the hard training. While making my decision I had many thoughts going through my head. I thought my parents would not let me stop for the summer, and I thought I would be viewed as a quitter to everyone who is in my softball family. The truth is, my parents said I could because they know I…show more content…
Before I couldn't even do a squat without my knee begin in extreme pain. Now I can squat and not have any pain. The journey to get to this point was long and painful. I had physical therapy for about 3 months 4 times a week. By taking a break from softball this time was doable. Each session lasted about an hour. During the session, my physical therapist would show me new stretches to do and then have me do workouts to help my knee. With a continuation of these stretches and workouts, I was getting better easily. Every week, you could see I got better and better. With this improvement, I am now able to play sports and train without pain in my
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