Personal Narrative: My Mom Changed My Life

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“Please don't make me go,” I begged Mother. “Kelly, you have to leave this house at some point. You need to get back into your daily routine. It would be a good distraction!” Mother insisted.
“I can't! Please, I can’t! It’s too hard!” I bawled. The thought of my mom forcing me to even step outside my house to watch my sister’s softball game was too excruciating .
“Just go, and if it's too hard, we will leave,” Mother pleated. My grandmother died a painful, slow death that no person should endure nor witness. I watched the person I cared for most in this world become too weak to walk on her own, suffer from too much pain to live her life, and become too drugged to put words together. Due to the cancer spreading, her body shut down, and because of this, I received a one-sided goodbye.
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The emotions felt eternal: the loneliness, the sorrow, the emptiness, the fear and hopelessness of never seeing her again. As we arrived at the fields, I already felt miserable. The familiar sight of the softball field posses many memories of my grandma and I. I remember sitting on her lap, eating greasy and unhealthy foods that she spoiled me with, but now, I see it as a reminder that my grandma is gone. Tears formed, blocking my vision, making everything look
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