Personal Narrative: My Mom's Car

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My mom's car is very unattractive but she loves her car. She said that her and that car have been through everything. Not sure what it mean but the car drives really. The top speed is 120 mph its not fast but it gets the job done. It's a white car not small not big either. It's a little rusty around here and there but my mom loves her car. She also got a minivan so when we go on road trips or vacations during the summer. My brother and i we drove i at least once around the block.

My mom is thinking about me getting the car and she is getting the van. She also said that I will be put on the car insurance. But they said that I have to get a job before I drive to pay for gas. My brother could have taken the car but he didn't like it. I don't like it either but it is a car and i need a car.
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Or a 2016 every light blue four wheel drive truck.But this car is gonna have to do. My mom said that I have to get my driver license and a job before I drive. She said that to use cheap gas she also said no to leave at
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