Personal Narrative: My Mother

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I believe, without my mother's independence and the way she raised me, I would not be applying to Queens today. I have had my share of ups although I've also had plenty of downs. I have two older sisters and a younger brother. My oldest sister chose a different path when she had the opportunity to choose a more successful path. She moved out at the age of 16 to flew across the country to live off of my grandpa's income. She dropped out of college, barely a semester in, with student loan debt. She could have been a multi-sport collegiate athlete on scholarship. I look at her and see what could happen if I don't make the right choices and take advantage of my opportunities. My second oldest sister made most of the right choices, and I look at her and see how successful I could become.…show more content…
She always sees the bright side in all cases. I have made the right choices because of my mother. Her positive influence inspired me to stay on the right road to success. Without my abilities to observe my mother and the way she handles situations, I would not be applying today. Growing up, I had a sufficient amount of opportunities to make the wrong choice. For something as small as not doing my homework because I wanted to hang out with my friends. To something as big as participating in illegal activities with other teenagers, even though if I get caught they will take my hard-earned scholarship away. Any wrong choice could have led me down a completely different path. I consider any path other than the one I chose, to be the wrong
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