Personal Narrative: My Movement Across The United States

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In my life there have been many personal challenges I've had to deal with. Many of these challenges circulate around my movement with my mother as we've been all over the United States as her job wasn't as stable five years ago as it has become recently. We lived in Iowa for four years, 1,000 miles away from my father and the house I grew up in. We became two separate households. I knew, most of all, it would be a strain on my parents, who would only get to see each other on holidays or whenever they could scrounge up enough money for the journey.
Movement across the country comes the realization that the United States is quite different every place you go. From North Carolina to the small town of Pella, Iowa and suddenly I wanted to go back
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How do kids who've barely touched strands of diversity understand how black people "act". How do African-American's act? I'd like to get that answer myself.
I still question myself about where I fit in, but I've begun to like the feel of my racial ambiguity. I like when others have to place the guessing game when they look at me. But my four years of living in Iowa did help me find my voice. I used journalism as an outlet to express my views on race and diversity. I understood that many of the kids at my high school wouldn't completely understand until they experienced. But I hoped my voice would at least get them thinking about the things they said. And even the things they've only heard about through the news.
I felt empowered in my own little part of Iowa, making a small little difference in the school newspaper. Now that we've come back to the east, I'm not sure what to do with that little voice that just wants to explode with information and opinions. There is no one I can really direct it to. My voice was designed for people who'd never experienced and everyone in Harrisonburg, Virginia has experienced much more. I'm not giving up my voice per say, but just putting it to rest for a little. Just until I can get out into the
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