Personal Narrative : My Moving Adventure

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My moving adventure Cars whooshed by as I was sitting in the car with my family, my mom Laura, with dirty blond hair and brown eyes sitting in the driver 's seat and in the passenger 's seat is a tall man with brown eyes and hair with me the only one in the back seat. We were in a nice neighborhood and we finally pulled up to a big white house with a red door that pops out like being in a 1980’s movie and then stepping out to 2010. We were on south Chester St in AR. The yard was nicely mowed and a small tree, when we walked in the house there was stairs within about 5 feet from the door and to the left there was the living room and to the right there was a hallway with a bathroom and storage space under the stairs, at the end of the hallway was the kitchen. We walked upstairs, there was a hallway running left to right, there was 3 doors, one was the bathroom and my mom and dad 's room and then my room I checked out as my mom and dad checked out there 's. In my room the walls were light brown with darker brown carpet and a window that I could see in front and as I was looking the moving van rolled around the front. “The moving van is here.” We all scrambled downstairs out the poppy red door. We rolled up the back door and grabbed some boxes and I pulled out the first one and instantly dropped it because it was too heavy, a kid about my age came up to me and asked,”Do you need help unloading.” “Uh,sure...thanks.” he grabbed the box on the ground and swiftly carried it
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