Personal Narrative: My Night Shift At Taco Bell

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Once one night I had to work the night shift at Taco Bell. Other people who had worked there before me said that if you listened closely you could hear a soft banging noise on the walls. Some people ran for their lives other people never walked out of that Taco Bell and the police never found them. I feared nothing and those were all just myths anyways. Later I realized I was very very wrong. The boss gave me instructions for what to expect and a weak flashlight for me to use which I knew I wouldn't be able to use considering the weak light it produced. I took it anyways, I mean besides, I might have to use it to check the place out. The boss left and there I was in the dining area, alone. The place looked horrendous. It seriously looked like someone just threw up whole bits of food everywhere, and don't even get me started on the bathrooms. Anyways I was there, alone, walking around and was starting to wonder why they didn't put any cameras around the place. Just then I heard a soft…show more content…
I bolted across the hall to the kitchen and got inside one of the corners and covered my self up with an old, dirty, but convenient board hoping he wouldn't see me. I heard foot steps, very soft foot steps. The thing said in his voice, "Where did you go? I'm not gonna hurt you. I just want to play." I held my breath and didn't say a word. "I know your in here." he said, "I'm gonna get you!" At that point I passed out. The next day, I woke up to find people standing above me. "What happened?" one of them said "I have no clue," I replied. "We called the police and they are on their way." Once the police got here they asked me a lot of questions and I replied "I don't know" to about almost all of them. After they were finished, I quit my job at Taco Bell and went home. That pale figure still haunts me at night. Sometimes I wake up only to see him say, "One day I will get you." and disappearing from view. I knew Taco Bell was a disgusting place from the
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