Personal Narrative: My Observation Of Kindergarten Classroom

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This semester, I was honored to be placed in Mrs. Dellinger’s kindergarten classroom at Amboy Elementary, in North Little Rock. I explained to Mrs. Dellinger my modification assignment. She immediately suggested I work with a student named Julian. Julian is a young boy that is an English language learner, Spanish being his first. Julian came into kindergarten not knowing any letter names, letter sounds, or sight words. Julian is in one of the lowest reading groups in class. While observing Julian in class, I noticed that he writes his entire first name backwards, starting from right to left. Julian rarely participates in classroom discussions, carpet time, or sing-a-longs. For the most part, Julian sits quietly throughout the day. Julian can speak some English; however, he struggles communicating with others. Unfortunately, for Julian, he is technically behind on the very first day of kindergarten, which is actually very sad for him, since it is only the beginning of his academic career.…show more content…
My goal was to try to get him caught up quickly, otherwise the research tells us that he will likely spend the rest of his school career getting farther and farther behind from this point on, because the achievement gap just continues to grow After making my observations and gaining more information from my mentor teachers, I decided that Julian would be the perfect student to work with this
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