Personal Narrative: My Option For Non-Carnivores

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Mary was on her way to the grocery store when she saw Frank out in the front yard mowing his overgrown grass. He waved for her to come over because they needed to talk about the upcoming block party, but she didn't have time just now. As she got into her car, Mary said Call me tomorrow. Wait! Frank jogged over. I have to get going, Frank. We can chat tomorrow. Well, I just wanted to ask you if we should get veggie burgers, too. I thonk we should have some options for the non-carnivores.Of course. Sounds good.I have to run, but we can go over it all tomorrow on the phone.Oh, and should we get gluten-free buns, too? Uh, sure...Let's talk tomorrow. Ok? Ok. Later then. See you later
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