Personal Narrative : My Own Uphill Climb

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My Own Uphill Climb As a young child, I grew up comforted by constant encouragement that, “Someday you are going to do great things,” although it wasn’t until now, my senior year of high school, that I have finally uncovered my own sense of being. This upcoming July, I will be attending the Austin School of Spa Technology to study Cosmetology as well as Makeup Artistry. In addition, I will be attending Fulton Montgomery Community College in September to begin the study of Chemistry. I plan to continue working towards my two-year degree at Fulton Montgomery Community College. I plan to continue with my future endeavors and transfer to a four-year school with the intent of becoming a chemistry teacher. I have always believed that actions speak louder than words. As Margaret Mead once said, “I learned the value of hard work by working hard.” As a young girl in middle school, I discovered the sport of volleyball. A strong willed man, named James Gabeler touched my heart and infused me with a passion for this sport. Although, Mr. Gabeler had passed away too soon, his presence was always remembered as I, as well as our modified team, stepped onto the volleyball court. I have since played volleyball for both Caroga Lake Volleyball Club and Johnstown High School in honor of my hero and role model. Throughout my years as a member of the Johnstown Lady Bills Volleyball team, I was blessed with the honor of being a part of the ongoing family that gave me memories that will

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