Personal Narrative: My Path With Swimming

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My path with swimming was littered with many triumphs and extremely dramatic failures. The summer of 2014 had been one of the most spectacular defeats for me by losing a championship by 0.01. As I set myself up for the next summer of 2015, I didn’t want to focus on anything except not making a fool of myself in front of hundreds of people. I learned my swim team had hired yet another new coach, which I despaired at the thought of. We went through coaches faster than any other team around and it showed. Unbeknownst to me, I was about to have the best training season I had ever received. As I headed into my first practice, there was a completely different atmosphere than was typical for an age group program. While the natatorium was crowded, it felt professional, like the pool was a busy office about to be put to…show more content…
BEEP. I hit the water and began my pullout, which carried me to the surface. I started forward, my kick so strong and my pull so efficient. With each stroke to the wall, I gained momentum, and executed an amazing turn. I looked to see where my competitors were, and I couldn’t even see them. I was that far ahead. I powered to the finish, hitting the touchpad with so my force that it almost bounced off the wall. Thirty-five point nineteen seconds. Over a second and a half faster than anyone else, and over a second better than my seeded time. I shared a shaky handshake with my competitors since I was full of adrenaline, smiling from ear to ear as I did it, because I was on top of the world. I found my coach first, who watched the entire race from the poolside. I raced towards her, and gave her the biggest hug as I thanked her for everything she had done for me. Afterwards, I searched for my parents back in the gym where we sat to wait. They both grabbed and held me while congratulating me. I was so excited about what I had just done, I thought that if I hugged them hard enough, they would be able to feel exactly how I
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